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Social Distance Queen cocktail recipe

social distance queen cocktail recipe salty paloma

New recipe alert! Check out SOCIAL DISTANCE QUEEN: a very easy cocktail you can make featuring lots of gin, and not much else.

If you're a fan of Old Fashioneds you'd be into this variation made with Empress 1908 Gin. We'll be following the same format with heavy booze + sugar + bitters + citrus peel. 

This time we've made a lavender syrup and we're using coffee bitters to bring out more notes in this gin. If you find this super strong you can dilute it by adding in an ounze of dry vermouth to lighten it up a bit into a very beautiful gin martini style cocktail. There's so many options to play with this boozy delight!

Hope you're all staying healthy and safe at home. It's been a wild time for all of us, and we've been working on a way to provide some positive cheer through custom cocktail kits delivered to your door every Saturday in Toronto. Check out our Empress 1908 Gin x Salty Paloma Stay at Home Cocktail Kit to get all these ingredients to make this cocktail at home!

cocktail kit empress 1908 gin salty paloma



  1. Add all ingredients with ice into a mixing glass and stir for 20 seconds
  2. Pour mixture into rocks glass over ice
  3. Garnish with a lemon peel

See it in action on our latest IGTV episode!

Try it out yourself and share your photos with us using #licksiprepeat on Instagram @saltypaloma.

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