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3 tequila brands you need to try (and it's not Patron)

tequilaTequila really can be your best friend - you just need to have the right one. Check out our three favourite tequila brands and why we think you ought to have them on your bar cart. And don't worry, we'll show you more than Patron.

If you're like eww, I hate tequila because all I remember is the last time I took tequila shots on a night out, that's not the tequila we're talking about. There's legit tequila out there that you seriously need to taste.

Before we get into our personal top three picks, what we really want to talk about is Reposado - this tequila is aged in wood barrels for several months and has a golden hue to it. So if your stuff is clear, throw it out and give one of these a shot (or two):

#3: Milagro

This is a great starter reposado because it's affordable and good quality. The distillers insist on using 100% blue agave harvested only in the Jalisco Highlands, so you know you're getting lots of flavour in this. PS there's also notes of caramel with a very slight spice to it. Your tongue will love you for this.

#2: Espolon

Again another high value reposado, this one is sweeter than the Milagro, with sweet tropical fruit and notes of caramel fudge and vanilla. But it doesn't end there - also with a bit of a spicy finish at the end, you won't know what hit you.

#1: Tromba

More expensive than the others, but not by much, is the Canadian Tromba. Aged in white oak American Whiskey barrels for 6 months, their reposado is delicately sweet with notes of cacao, dry walnut, almond, orange and caramelized pineapple. Yum!

They also produce in small batches, so you might have to revisit your local LCBO a few times before it's back in stock. Definitely a must-have on the bar cart.

Notice the hints of caramel, spice and vanilla? Who knew tequila had so much going on? Well if you didn't, now you do. Do Tequila right and sip it tonight - of course, with one of our fantastic margarita salt rimmers.


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