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Which cocktail rimmer is the right flavour for you?

cocktail rimmers

So you wanna try rimming those cocktails now, do you? Awesome. We can help with that. And don't worry, margaritas aren't the only drinks that use a cocktail rimmer. You don't even have to think as far as mojitos or caesars. There are so many fantastic cocktails out there that would easily enjoy rimmers if you just gave them a chance.

So let's begin:

What's your poison? This could be tough to answer if you haven't decided on your go-to well drink (i.e., gin and tonic, vodka soda, rum and coke). Usually we end up just drinking what other people introduce us to, so this is a perfect time to really dig deep into your inner booze subconscious and determine your true calling.

Find yourself in one of the following categories:

Bottom of the barrel: you're all about the brown stuff: bourbon, whisky or scotch, you love rich, bold flavours and appreciate aged spirits

Your cocktail rimmer: Fiesta

Light and clean: you're probably into triple distilled vodka or gin, you might top it off soda and a splash of lemon

Your cocktail rimmer: Heartbreaker

Spice delight: you dig big flavours like tequila reposado or spiced rum, and enjoy a good ginger beer with spicy food

Your cocktail rimmer: Dynamite

Of course, we're not all cookie cutters, especially with our tastes in alcohol. So we're not going to assume that if you like spicy things that you'd like a spicy cocktail rimmer (although we're pretty sure you'd at least be pretty curious to try it).

The trick is to start with a rimmer on your favourite drink so you can really taste the difference. You should notice that the salt and sugar will cut out the bitterness in alcohol.

Next, choose your mix.

Bubbly or flat? Are you a person that enjoys fruit juice or are you more interested in flavourful herbs and spices?

The best part about this section is you can mix and match all these flavours. You can be into neither, one or or all of the below:

Fruity: berries, citrus, mmm passion fruit

Your cocktail rimmer: Fiesta

Flowery: hibiscus, elderflower and fresh roses

Your cocktail rimmer: Heartbreaker

Herbal: basil, lavender, and mint leaves

Your cocktail rimmer: Dynamite

Salt is known to enhance flavours, which is why we tend to add a pinch of salt in our cooking. So why not add a kick to your cocktails?

Using your favourite spirit as the base for all your drinks, pair up blueberries with basil or try a hibiscus passionfruit mixture with mint garnish. Or just have soda with a splash of lemon. Who cares!

PS this is just a guideline to giving you some suggestions and a guideline to figuring out your favourite cocktail flavours. As we like to say, the best cocktail in the world is the cocktail you like. 

So go on then, cocktail like you mean it.

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