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Salty Godfather amaretto sour recipe

salty paloma godfather amaretto sour recipe cocktail

Here's a sour cocktail you can't refuse. It's finally fall and we're licking life up with our Sweetie Pie cocktail rimmer - raw cane sugar infused with cinnamon, maple and grapefruit.

Have you ever had a really good, proper amaretto sour? We're not talking about the amaretto and sour lime mix over ice you get in the club, but a fancy one made with lemon and egg white, shaken and strained in a pretty stemmed glass. It's absolutely delicious, especially with a little cinnamon spice on the rim.

If you're a fan of the classic Godfather cocktail (scotch and amaretto) you'll love our latest cocktail - the Salty Godfather Sour.

Inspired by Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s variation of the amaretto sour, we put in equal parts bourbon, amaretto, lemon and egg white. Super easy to remember, and of course looks beautiful with our Sweetie Pie on the rim.

salty paloma godfather sour amaretto cocktial recipe




    1. Rim a coupe glass with Sweetie Pie cocktail rimmer
    2. Pour all ingredients in a shaker over ice
    3. Strain into rimmed glass
    4. Garnish with cinnamon stick (optional)

    Learn how to shake this up in our next open cocktail class! Click here to book now! 

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