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How to rim a cocktail glass

how to rim a cocktail glass

I've been getting a lot of questions about how to rim a cocktail glass, so this blog post is going to answer everything, as well as provide you with a complete guide to rimming a cocktail glass for margaritas, mojitos, caesars, whatever!

There are just three simple steps you need to follow, and of course practice makes perfect! Get your margaritas on :)

Step 1: Preparing the salt

First thing you should know is that you really don't need a lot of salt to rim your cocktail glass. If you're used to margarita salts that come in a flat tin, you might have experienced moments where you get way too much salt on your glass, or the salt is all clumpy when you dip it in your second glass.

how to rim a cocktail glass

 I typically pour about a tablespoon of salt onto a plate - that comfortably rims two glasses for me. I usually eyeball this but you can also pour the salt into a spoon and drop it on a plate. 

Step 2:  Prepping your glass

The typical thing you read about on Google is dipping your glass in a plate of water and then dipping it in a plate of salt. Using water isn't the best since it's really drippy and can quickly wet your salts, giving you a clumpy rim. Not cool. 

how to rim a cocktail glass

The best thing to do is to rim a lime wedge around your glass so that it gets a bit sticky. Really any citrus or fruit can work. I tend to use grapefruit since all of the Salty Paloma cocktail rimmers are made from grapefruit zest, making it the perfect companion to most of my cocktail recipes.

Step 3: Rimming your cocktail glass

It's really not as hard as it looks. Just put your glass upside down straight on the cocktail rimmer, then slowly twist the glass. I tend to do one complete spin, then remove the glass and repeat the same step once again. That way you'll get an even rim on your cocktail glass.

how to rim a cocktail glass

And now you're on your way to becoming a margarita rimming guru! Show us your skills and tag #putarimonit on Instagram @saltypaloma. Enjoy! 

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