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Mint julep with sugar rim recipe

salty paloma mint julep recipe

If you're a fan of mint in your cocktails you'll love this week's cocktail feature. A popular summer alternative to the rum-based mojito is a bourbon-based mint julep. 

Our latest cocktail rimmer, Havana, includes lime, mint, raw cane sugar, and of course - grapefruit zest, making a fabulous accessory to this signature drink.

Normally you can crush some mint into your drink and top off with crushed ice, but this time we just threw in some mint leaves in an ice cube tray. It's a super easy and simple option, and did we mention it looks great?

salty paloma havana cocktail rimmer mint julep recipe



  1. Pour 1 tablespoon of Havana cocktail rimmer on a plate
  2. Moisten the rim of your glass with a lime wedge and evenly dip your glass into rimmer
  3. Fill glass with ice, then add bourbon and simple syrup
  4. Stir well and add mint spring for garnish (optional)

We made our own mint syrup but we'd highly recommend using Eli Mason Mint Julep Cocktail Syrup. You can get the full Eli Mason Mint Julep kit at The Crafty Bartender.

Well, what do you think? Try it out yourself and share your photos with us when you #putarimonit.

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